Thursday, June 23

Crazy Things We Did 4 Hans Burfday

Hans's burfday was on 17th June..
It was his 21st burfday..
And kah mun had came out with a great idea..
Make a s-crap-book as his burfday present!!!
So we decided to take some funny photos and parts of the photos from our previous outings, cut and paste it in the book, and each of us will write down our words in it :)
That was seriously a rush-your-brain-to-think-and-do thing as we need to finish the whole s-crap-book within two days @.@

We took the photos two days before Hans's burfday..

Pui Mun, what you looking at??

we all LOVE you??

look at me.. you gotta love Gaga.. paws up :P

hAppy family, we are??

wow.. mummy is officially pregnant, AGAIN??

yea.. you suck~ :S

you're hawt??! im HOTTER okie :D

koreans will definitely be her type, NOT you~

im sure he is not gay *think twice*

you gotta like it o0o

showing our faces.. Pui Mun??

On his BIG day..
Kah Mun found Hans's car while he went to class..
She then place a cardboard on his windscreen wishing him
(just to give him a surprise and bcoz of this she was late to class.. pity her..)

haha.. someone actually saw this and signed on it..

he was there after class~

We sang the burfday song in the carpark and then heading to mv for lunch at Delicious and all..
Ohya.. We met LEE HOM in mv..
This is it :P

just a huge poster and Kah Mun was so excited.. haha

we showed him the s-crap-book while waiting for the food to come..

he was trying to act like me =.="

Here comes the food~

beef lasagna bolognese with salad

spaghetti carbonara with beef bacons

i forgot what is this @.@

traditional tomato spaghetti

macaroni with four cheeses and salad

beef burger with salad

Continued with our crazy stuff ofter eatings..

after lunch hair-do??

random stuffs they do..

his lam face and our sour faces :D

Here comes the cake..

the cake.. now i wish it's my burfday @.@

i ♥ you~ you ♥ me~ we are happy family~

wahh.. shoo cute.. i mean the cake :P


in the toilet..

outside toilet..

Hans too tall @.@

Lastly, faMiLy photo of the day~