Thursday, April 29

is this what i got for my hardwork??
stayed up awake for the whole night just to study..
finally results' out..
what is this?!

i speechless..
no matter what happens..i gonna stay for another semester again..hmm

Friday, April 23

why i got this feeling??
i shouldnt have it though..
okie..let's dont think about it..
everything should be okie till then..

Monday, April 19

Carey & Lim'S WeDdinG..

past saturday was carey (my lovely cousin sister) and lim's wedding..
my whole family went up to sekinchan on friday to prepared her wedding..
sekinchan is lim's hometown..
therefore, the open house and the wedding diner was all done there..
carey's open house had done one week earlier..
it was an awesome wedding with those people making fun..

Hope Carey & Lim can live happily ever after..
And Mr Lim..Pls take good care of my lovely sis..
If not..hahahaha..You know la..

ps: one of Lim's friend said he likes me..but only 19years old..and..and you..more than sorry la..lolz ^^

Wednesday, April 14


im shocked that my mum actually said :

"is okie for you to have a the same time you must study also.."

ps: but mummy..i dont have a bf now..why you say so??

yEah~~ i'd dOne mY fiNaLs..

say bye bye to chemistry, psychology and cts..

hopefully i wouldnt have to see them three again next semester..

God Bless :)

Saturday, April 10

HELP LeadeRship cAmp in maLaccA

i dont called this CAMP but more like a VACATION type of camp..
stayed in dorm with everyone had their own bed..
with 24hours air-cond..delicious food like spaghetti..
unbelieveable?? i was too at first..let me bring you all go through it once..

left college at 2.15pm heading to El Sanctuary, alor gajah, malacca..

doing all those stupid staff in the bus..
chor dai dee, snapping photos and so on..

lolz ^^ i know this looked so wrong but that's how funny we are..

sleeping time??

1hour..2hour..and we are..

some people -.-? some people 0.0
ohh..GOD..are we gonna stay here??!
*no la..have to walk inside..*

we walked and walked and walked..sweating a lot though..hehe


0.0 wahh..banglow..with nice bed, air-cond and big hall..

hee..take a photo, kah mun and elo..

activities came..
create own group logo..

second day..6am in the morning to lunch time..
build fort and fire..war started..

please bow and great our king, Sean..

protect our KING~~~

after a tiring workout..we finally done..huh~

our hardwork and memories..

FOOD is one of the joy in the camp..

nasi goreng, spaghetti and a lot more yummy yummy foods..wee^^

not only that..we had done lots more..
built a super structure, jungle trekking at night, performances and also ceramah..
we get to know each other more and learnt to coorporate with each other..
the sky, the sunshine, the banglow, the food, kiwi (a very cute doggie), and every single things there were printed in my mind forever..

I miss Malacca..I miss El Sanctuary..

ps: im happy that i had met back my friend, Shear Lee, after 6years..el sanctuary owned by her family..huh..finally im done with this tooks me an hour to completed =)


psychology report got zero..wth..
dont wanna talk about it anymore whatsoever.. hope =(

everything seems not so good during this whole sem..'s gonna end..

now im just focusing on my cts & psych final exam on tuesday..