Thursday, June 25

Yay~~Exam finished!!

today was my computing principles paper..
im so hapi that i had done my last paper although i don't know whether i did it correct or not..
but still im hapi that my exams had finished!!
after my exam finished,
me n nirai went to the bus stop to take a bus after we say bye bye to the others..
(they are goin to jo's place to swim but they din inform me..if not i would like to follow them too..)
once we reach kl sentral,
nirai told me that she was hungry and wanna have mcd..
by the time i also hungry so i say okie..
i realise that i forgot to bring money today..
(i had poured water on my purse so i left it at home with the money..)
both of us was standing in the middle of the road searching all the money we have in the bag..
at last,
we manage to get enough money to have our delicious McChicken burger.. =p
after having our lunch,
we went to take the train back to kajang..
in the train,
there was a guy..
this guy keep on looking at nirai's phone n bag..
nirai told me that she scared of it..
i told nirai don't worry coz im there.. (tak tau mati..haha)
thank god,
we can get down at kajang station safe without loosing any of our hands or legs..
after nirai go with her mum,
i went to take a bus back home..
it was the time that student finish lepaking and going home..
when i was in the bus,
the bus was crowded with students..
all of them are sweaty..
and i can smell the horrible fainting smell..
(one more minute i gonna faint)
once the bus reach my place,
i get down the bus with a flying speed..
when i get into my house,
i started take out my laptop and facebooking..
my "friend" called..
he asking me why din answering his call last night..
hey darling,
i already fall into sleep..
that's my answer..
then he say got something to tell me but before that i must promise him that i won't get angry with him..
so i promise him..
he told me that there's a girl asking his number and he gave her..
(my blood is boiling but i try to control..)
he say after that the girl ask him whether he like her or not..
but he answer they're just friend..
(my blood is cooling down..coz he already got somebody in his heart..haha =p)
then the girl say they can have any relationship except friend..
(why do girls(some) nowadays so bitchy..?)
then he told me he din reply the girl anymore..
after i finish my conversation with him,
this is what im doing now..
Next blog is coming up soon~~
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