Wednesday, September 16

tOdaY iS oUr mOviE dAy =P

again i wanna tell you all..
today is wednesday and wednesday is our movie day..
so again we went to our normal place after the first class as usual..

~mid valley~

elo, arun and carmeni went into nicholas's car..
where me and roshaan went into zachary's car..
then we met up outside the cinema..
and we decided to watch "The Gamer"..
we went makan-makan since we still got half an hour time..

after makan, zachary wanna go for smoking..
(started laa~hee~the forever smoker~)
roshaan following him..
and i got no choice but to follow them although i don't like the cigarette smell..
(the smell makes me faint~hate it~)
because i don't want jadi light bulb and i don't like to be also..

next we went to watched the movie..
roshaan sat right to me and zachary sat left to me..
kah mun called me while i watching the movie..
(i forgot that i promised to call sry..)
the movie was not bad but just over violent..
(no wonder it's 18pl..haa~)

after movie we went to Brewball..
there we drank beer..
then boys was playing pool while we girls sitting down there do our usual thing..
(snaping photos)
when we about to left the place..
guess what??
i saw my friend's ex-bf..
damn it duh..i don't like him..

then we straight away went back to college..
actually we think of going somewhere else before we go back college..
but zachary worried that he will late to mr. joel's calculus class..
(nowadays he's too tension with his calculus..hehe~)
so we decided to go back to college since i got class also..

PS : today our class finished so happy with it..whoo hoo~

Monday, September 14

A nOrmaL dAy >.<


*phone ringing*
msg from elo : you all jadi ke tak wear skirt?
(already talk about it on last friday)
i didn't reply coz im sleeping~


get up from the bed prepared to go to college..
*wearing dress*


reached train station..
took train to kl sentral..
from kl sentral took bus to college..


reached college..
i thought i would be late..
who knows mr. chen later than me..
i met carmeni outside the class and we go into class before our lecturer..
elo managed to came into class before the class started..
mr. chen started his lecture.. zZzzZzzzzz


finite maths ended and advanced english started..
group by group doing presentation about discussion essay..
my group was the last group..
when it's my group turn to present..
i went stand beside the table..

arun : why you stand here?! go stand there..
me : why cannot??
class : wahahahahaha~~~~



followed elo go to the bank..
she wanna take money to pay fees..
she asked me to kept her rm1500 in my purse coz hers already full..
went to ali maju to have my roti telur..
elo and carmeni - thinking where the money go as elo over spended rm200..
nirai and arun - "@#$%&"speaking tamil..i can't understand at all..
me and zachary - turning the phone playing some stupid game..
went back to college after that and chilling at corridor..


went for critical thinking class..
the class was freaking cold~~~~~
again felt into my own lala land(fantasy world according to ms. winnie)..


went mcd with nirai and chatting there..


went back home with nirai taking bus and train..


started blogging~



Saturday, September 12

That iS wHat yOu CalleD cOllege**

college just started about two weeks..
guess what..


discussion essay for advance english..

blogging for human communication..

group assignment for human communication..

extra class for human communication..

tutorial sheet for finite mathematics..

so and so are coming on..

i got no choice but to do all these thing..
just to collect marks for my assessment..
these are the easiest way for my to pass my subjects..
anyway, i wanna get a high distinction in my finite mathematics..
so let's do the maths now..
see ya soon~

WhaT A CrazY wEEk ^^

mid valley~ mid valley~ again mid valley~
movie~ movie~ again movie~
crazy watching movie at mid valley..

it was the first in my lifetime that i watch movie twice per week..
i know what you all gonna say..


yes, i am..

so what?
i got too much of break time..
what to do??
wednesday i got six hours break..9.30am till 3.30pm..
friday finish class by 11.00am..
if i not gonna watch movie, what else can i do?

go back home sleep??

i rather play pool at college..

go back home online??


go back home watch tv??

i rather to watch movie, donk..

i had watched "I Love You, Beth Cooper" & "The Ugly Truth" throughout the week..
hee =)

PS : i had used RM150 this week.. shit.. my mum gonna kill me if she knows that..

ThiS iS fOr Mr. VicKnaa XD

Happi burfday to euu~~
Happi burfday to euu~~
Happi burfday to VICKY~~
Happi burfday to euu~~

yesterday baiyaa, today rugby(vicky)..
(i don't know y they called him rugby..)
haha =p
i knew rugby on 1st semester in college..
when first i get to knew him, he was very quiet boy..
(i thought he was shy =p)
whenever we whole gang fooling around at the corridor, he would just sat down there smile..
after he get closer with me, he started to talk alotz..
then only i realised he's not shy but he only talk much to his close frenz..

what i wanna tell is..
im glad that he treated e as a close fren but not a normal fren..


ps : i forgot to buy his birthday present..sry vicky..i gonna get one for you soon..

SpeCiallY FoR RosHaaN ^^

yesterday was our great great baiyaa, Roshaan's birthday..
he had a party at his house and he actually had invited all of us to his party..
but until yesterday morning i still not yet make up my mind whether wanna go his party not..

(im SORRY roshaan..i got no transport to go home..)

then me, jo and elo went to buy his birthday present after our movie..
we walked and looked round and round..
we don't know what should we buy..

shirt?? - nope
wallet?? - nope
wristband?? - nope
hairband?? - nope
bag?? - nope

hhuuuh..what else??
then jo found something very special..
it's a key chain..
its not a normal key chain..
there was a picture that 'roshaan and his baby, irvin touching each others backside' on top of it..
(i know it sounds wrong..but yea..haha)
the other face was written :

Happy 18th, Roshaan

jo, elo ,ying


that's the best present we get for him..
we hope he will like it..
we hope he will carry it with him everyday..
we hope he will remember us when he sees it..


Saturday, September 5

Port Dickson again~~

yeah~ i went pd again on sunday.. as you all know it was the second time during my sem break.. but still it was fun.. ~story started~ me and my family reach the pd apartment around 5pm.. we dropped our things down and decided to go for a walk.. then my dad drove the car all along the road.. in the car, left hand side was the beautiful beach.. i saw many ppl played on the beach.. after few ten minutes, my dad stopped at the roadside.. guess what?? my dad found a pasar rahmadan there and he wanna buy some food to fill his stomach.. so we went down for a walk.. ended up buying fried chicken, otak-otak and oneh-oneh.. then we went to the beach for a walk.. we saw some ppl flying on the sky.. (i guess it is some sport but dont know what that call) we went back to the apartment around 6something.. it was so boring so i just on the tv to have a look.. i kept on changing the channel..nothing good.. suddenly my brother decided t call my cousin sis's bf to come and pick us up.. (we stayed at different aparment) we going to barbeque at their place at night.. beach barbeque time.. i just holding a camera in one hand and a cup of chivas whiskey on the other hand.. started taking photos and wondering around asking for food.. (haha..they barbeque for me..i just eating..) end up the barbeque after 2hours.. apartment game time.. went back to apartment after barbeque.. started playing a game called "bing, bang, bong".. those who lose have to drink half glass of red wine.. honestly i had drank quite many glass of it.. drinking time.. after finished the game. there was left a bottle of wine.. my cousin's bf asking me to drank with him.. and both of us had actually finished the bottle of wine.. (hee..totally get drunk..but still can walk properly..) following things.. i dunno what time.. i dunno how i go back to my apartment.. i dunno how i go to bath.. i dunno how i go to sleep.. im drunk.. next day morning.. went to my cousin's place again.. morning went swimming.. all of us played in the pool like mad ppl.. (life guard there speechless..) afternoon went to the beach.. then went back to apartment.. i slept on the sofa like nobody business.. (too tired) evening went barbeque again.. went back to kajang around 7.30pm.. it was really happy and fun.. here comes some photos.. scroll..on the way to pd~sleeping in the car~my room~
fly fly fly~nice view~wine and the ppl playing mahjong~im drunk~