Sunday, November 20

Alan Tam 2011 Move Your Heart Concert on 19 Nov 2011

Went for Alan Tam's concert yesterday..
Althought I'm not a big fans of him but i know most of his songs..
We've got two RM350 tickets (area PS1) and four RM290 tickets (area PS2)..
There are six of us who suppose to go for the concert but one person was sick..
So there are only five of us who going for it.. wasted one RM290 ticket..
Luckily we got the tickets for free..

It's four RM290 tickets and there are only three of us who sitting in PS2 area..
Another two person were sitting in PS1 area since two of them are couple..

Thursday, November 3

So it rains again outside

I wonder why most people thought that rainy day is moody..
It can be joy or romantic too, no??

Saturday, October 29

In Time

Watched this movie today..
It's about how human survive in the future..

Human will stop aging at 25years old..
By the time, they need to earn time to keep them alive..
At that moment, time is power, time is money..
The green thinging on their hand is the time of how long they're alive..
How many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds..
They used time to buy stuffs, pay bills and all..
This means it's cutting down their surviving time and they'll need to earn it back..
Or else they'll die when the time turns zero..

Just pick a time to watch this in the cinema if you dont understand what I'm talking about..
I bet you'll not regret watching this movie..
It's a good movie..

PS: Both the actor and actress are hot :P

Friday, October 28

Sunday, October 2

It is 2.25am.. Maybe i should stop thinking and go sleep NOW :-/

Wednesday, September 7


出乎意料,我,表妹和她朋友竟然狂扫了将近六百零吉的书.. 汗颜~
到时候我会把我珍藏所有她的书,都拿给她签.. 哈哈哈~

据悉,爱之名就快发售了,到时我再去买.. 嘻嘻~
啊~ 忘了说.. 旋风是个讲述对跆拳道的热诚与坚持的题材..

哇.. 还真是神乎其技啊..

Friday, September 2

掰掰 August 哈喽 September :)

也许,这就是人生嘛.. (哈哈!怎么听起来好像很感慨似的 @.@ )

虽然如此,我还是决定明年要继续参加这活动 :)





早晨五点就被拉起床,六点就出发,真是疯了.. 哈哈~

啦 :P

金马伦栽种的薰衣草.. 美吧?

啊,对了.. 我还领养了一只西施犬..






Thursday, July 28

BeiNg ranDomLy

I am so mood-less recently..
Like a zombie, wake up early in the morning, go to college, finish class then come back home..
Sometimes i dont feel like doing anything..
I even feel like skipping all the class and sleep at home..
(ohh damn.. reminds me of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.. hahaha~)
ergh~ Life like this is too boring..
Things need to be done to change my boring life, i think..

I wanna watch Captain America so badly..
Should get my friends to go with me one fine day :)

So im flying to langkawi on 13th august for a 3days 2nights holiday..
I think its time for me to release my stress and enjoy shopping..
ahh~ I plan to bring my bikini too.. In case im going to the beach or swimming pool.. HAHAHA :P

Monday, July 25

应该是心情不好吧.. (我也不知自己在想些什么..)
所以啊.. 如果没什么事,最好别惹我..

Thursday, June 30

Baked oats biscuits

So today i've the very good mood to bake..
And i decided to bake oats biscuits..
My first time baking oats biscuits and i hope it turns out well..

Mixed plain flour, rolled oats and sugar in a bowl..
Melted the butter, add some caramel and baking powder in it..
Then combined the two mixture together..
Make the dough into all ping pong size..

The ping pong sized dough

Flatten it in a baking place

The baking process going on~

I was so excited what will turns out :P

Tadaa.. Done~ Looks good ehh??

The final result wasnt that bad..
Anyhow, my grandma and small lil cousin said it taste GOOD!!!
Im so happy..
I can be the FutureGoodMama already :P
My first trial SUCCESS!!

Wednesday, June 29

My very own CRAZY friend, Chan Kah Mun ♥

I dont know why today i got the very good mood to blog..
I was thinking what to blog about..
And this MissAwesomeChanKahMun came to my mind..
Ohh yess.. Im gonna blog about her today :D
I met this crazy woman around two years back in foundation..
We both have no idea that we can actually get along so well..
We like to crap a lot, do crazy things, camwhoring everywhere and bla bla bla~

Let's see what she usually do in college :P

I took this pic today..

She was acting like some malay lady..
And she say she is tudung lady @.@

Guess o0o already become her trademark.. LOL

Crazy things we did in public~

KahMun: liying jie jie.. give me some pls~
Me: okie.. you wait.. nyek~


I admire the thinker very much dowh.. rofl

And we like to camwhoring in the toilet like there's no tmr..

The Garden



On the way to Malacca

Finally the Starbucks..

There's actually words behind the "face", an agreement.. wink~

Starbucks coffee is the most important thing for us both

Pls dont kill me when you see this post k..
I just wanna brighten your day..
Lately you being so upset that few of your friends are leaving to overseas..
Baby girl dont worry.. You still have me with you here aite..

Thursday, June 23

Crazy Things We Did 4 Hans Burfday

Hans's burfday was on 17th June..
It was his 21st burfday..
And kah mun had came out with a great idea..
Make a s-crap-book as his burfday present!!!
So we decided to take some funny photos and parts of the photos from our previous outings, cut and paste it in the book, and each of us will write down our words in it :)
That was seriously a rush-your-brain-to-think-and-do thing as we need to finish the whole s-crap-book within two days @.@

We took the photos two days before Hans's burfday..

Pui Mun, what you looking at??

we all LOVE you??

look at me.. you gotta love Gaga.. paws up :P

hAppy family, we are??

wow.. mummy is officially pregnant, AGAIN??

yea.. you suck~ :S

you're hawt??! im HOTTER okie :D

koreans will definitely be her type, NOT you~

im sure he is not gay *think twice*

you gotta like it o0o

showing our faces.. Pui Mun??

On his BIG day..
Kah Mun found Hans's car while he went to class..
She then place a cardboard on his windscreen wishing him
(just to give him a surprise and bcoz of this she was late to class.. pity her..)

haha.. someone actually saw this and signed on it..

he was there after class~

We sang the burfday song in the carpark and then heading to mv for lunch at Delicious and all..
Ohya.. We met LEE HOM in mv..
This is it :P

just a huge poster and Kah Mun was so excited.. haha

we showed him the s-crap-book while waiting for the food to come..

he was trying to act like me =.="

Here comes the food~

beef lasagna bolognese with salad

spaghetti carbonara with beef bacons

i forgot what is this @.@

traditional tomato spaghetti

macaroni with four cheeses and salad

beef burger with salad

Continued with our crazy stuff ofter eatings..

after lunch hair-do??

random stuffs they do..

his lam face and our sour faces :D

Here comes the cake..

the cake.. now i wish it's my burfday @.@

i ♥ you~ you ♥ me~ we are happy family~

wahh.. shoo cute.. i mean the cake :P


in the toilet..

outside toilet..

Hans too tall @.@

Lastly, faMiLy photo of the day~