Thursday, July 28

BeiNg ranDomLy

I am so mood-less recently..
Like a zombie, wake up early in the morning, go to college, finish class then come back home..
Sometimes i dont feel like doing anything..
I even feel like skipping all the class and sleep at home..
(ohh damn.. reminds me of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.. hahaha~)
ergh~ Life like this is too boring..
Things need to be done to change my boring life, i think..

I wanna watch Captain America so badly..
Should get my friends to go with me one fine day :)

So im flying to langkawi on 13th august for a 3days 2nights holiday..
I think its time for me to release my stress and enjoy shopping..
ahh~ I plan to bring my bikini too.. In case im going to the beach or swimming pool.. HAHAHA :P

Monday, July 25

应该是心情不好吧.. (我也不知自己在想些什么..)
所以啊.. 如果没什么事,最好别惹我..