Sunday, November 20

Alan Tam 2011 Move Your Heart Concert on 19 Nov 2011

Went for Alan Tam's concert yesterday..
Althought I'm not a big fans of him but i know most of his songs..
We've got two RM350 tickets (area PS1) and four RM290 tickets (area PS2)..
There are six of us who suppose to go for the concert but one person was sick..
So there are only five of us who going for it.. wasted one RM290 ticket..
Luckily we got the tickets for free..

It's four RM290 tickets and there are only three of us who sitting in PS2 area..
Another two person were sitting in PS1 area since two of them are couple..

Thursday, November 3

So it rains again outside

I wonder why most people thought that rainy day is moody..
It can be joy or romantic too, no??