Monday, October 19

TuK HafizuDDin a.k.a ApAi

19th October 2009 11.45pm

my good friend from NS is leaving m'sia..
he is going to mesir..
he going to study medic at there..
i felt so sorry coz i cant meet him in KLIA before he leave m'sia..
i got exam on the next day..
he going to study there for more or less than six years..

tuk..nek minta maaf sebab xlea antar tuk mlm ni..
walau bagaimanapun, nek doakan tuk dpt abizkan pelajaran tuk dgn berjaya..
nek harap tuk dpt idup dgn gembira kat sana..
jgn lupakan nek bila nk kahwin, tau? hee =p
bila ade masa lapang igt email nek..sama gak kalo ade masalah..
nek msty balas email tuk..
akhirnya, nek ucapkan selamat jalan..

hope we can meet back each other after few years..
im waititng for that moment..
by the time we should have finish our study..
he might be a doctor and i might be a something else..
he might had get married and had a few children..
no matter what, we still are good friend for each other..
that's what he told me and i will remember it forever~~
miss ya =)

NonseNse HapPenD iN cOlleGe =p

nonsense happened everywhere in college during this two week..

the first thing is HIDE AND SEEK..
can you imagine we played hide and seek in college's classroom without light??
you'll be walking in the dark searching your friends all..
very funny right?? but..
haha XD

then the second thing is our normal activity..
everywhere also we can snap photo as long as we are there..
in toilet, corridor, ali maju,...,even in the lift also we can snap photos..
hee =)

then the third thing is PLAYING PEPSI COLA at the corridor..
imagine there are so many people passing by but we still can play very nicely..
im actually quite phobia to this game as some accident had happened when i was a kid..
wakakaka ^o^

following is PRESENTATION..
critical thinking presentation and also human communication presentation..
i had seen some good presentation in this two week..
some of them are funny, and some of them are boring..
i had done my critical thinking presentation last week..
today suppose to be my human communication presentation..
unfortunately the class was cancel without knowing the reason..
huhu (wish to finish it faster but i couldn't)

and also many others small small thinging had happened..but i got no time to explain one by one so i just write down all those main thing as above..

there's photos coming~~

loves jo~

mie, carmeni, nirai & jo~~

me nerd??


monkey liying, monkey elo & monkey chris =.=

ugly faces

me(wtf), elo(wtf) & chris(peace) @.@


ladies man

im just playing~~


in the class =)

in the lift =p

excuse me, lesbian not allow in ali maju..

is there any naked photo in ali maju's menu??

PS : after all those happy moments, exam is just next to the corner.. have to start my revision then..wee =)

Saturday, October 17

Finite Maths Quiz 18/20

i should have write my finite quiz faster..
but god knows i write very slow..
so sad..huhu =(
i got not enough time to draw the last graph on my paper..
the graph cost me 2marks..
all other questions are correct..
therefore i get 18 out of 20..

AruN toLd hiM *-*

yesterday i reached college about 9.15am..
while i walking towards our normal place which is the corridor, i met nirai and zachary..
they told me that HE was there with elo and arun..
so i was just smile and walked there..
when i reached there, i saw HE talking with arun and elo was smiling..
i stoped right beside HE and i heard they talking about a girl..

arun : you didn't realize her before??
HE : i didn't realize her i realize her..
arun : *smiling* you don't want tackle her??
HE : *smiling and shaking the head*

they might be talking about some girl tho..
so i just walk to the other side and sat down beside elo (right in front of HE)..
then zachary and nirai came..
zachary trying to disturd carmeni so i tried to help her..
but zachary "warn" me with my SECRET..
so i thinked i better kept quiet because HE was there..
then zachary suddenly called HE's name and i get shocked (i tought zac want to burst my secret but zac just asked some other question)..
after that arun looked at zachary and said "i told him already"..
then zachary looked at me and gave me a wired smile..
i can sense something..

HE knew my secret~~~~~

how awkwardness it is..
i felt like killing myself on the spot..
how am i going to face him when i see him next time la~~~~~

arun you such a big mouth!!!!!

ps : my secret (i just said HE very cute =p hee)

Monday, October 12

VomiT blOOd~~

today morning was my bro's maths exam(PMR)..
so i taught him to do maths yesterday..
*unfortunately, whole doing maths*
before we start, i asked him what type of question that he dont know how to do..
guess what he say??

boy : drawing graph and geometric.....
me : okay, then we.....
boy : wait..others dont know how to do..
me : what?! you mean you only know to do graph and geometric??
boy : *nodding his head*
me : *roll my eyes big* what the hell!!? are you kidding me??
boy : *shaking his head*
me : errrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~

what to do??
have to teach him also la..
teach as much as i can..
understand or not, depend on him..
at least i had completed my responsibility to teach him maths.. *wink*