Tuesday, December 28

有很多人,你原以为可以忘记.. 其实没有..
他们一直在你心底的一个角落.. 直到你的生命尽头..
既然拥有不了, 也忘记不了, 那为何不勇敢的去珍惜这段过去的记忆与感情

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!!! Boys and Girls
May all of you have a god bless Christmas Day :)

To Beloved Kai Xua:

Happie 1st Birthday!!!
May God bless you everyday..
Be a good girl k..
Love you..
*hugs & kiss*

Monday, December 20


总是在时候, 才发现..
的.. 只是自己一直不愿去承认..
因为只要天亮熬过了.. 我一直这样相信着..

Friday, December 17


每个女孩在出生的那一刻起, 上帝就已旨意了泪天使去守护她们..
只有在女孩为她一生中最爱的男孩流下一滴泪时, 泪天使才会离开..

Uniqlo, Pavi, Sg Wang, TS and The Curve

I wanted to watch this since the first day itself..
And finally i watched HP7 yesterday night at The Curve..
I always like Harry, Hermione, Ron.. And Dobby (He's cute)..
But im sad that Dobby died in the last movie :(

Went shopping with PuiSi the day before yesterday..
We went UNIQLO, Pavi, Sungei Wang and TS..
Bought lotz of things..
Shirts, pants, jackets, accessories..
And.. My new pair of flats

Ahh.. One more thing..
I had finally redeemed my Starbucks Diary with coupons..
tehee ^^

Friday, December 10

I fouNd tHe mEaning beHind iT

I.T.A.L.Y = "I Trust And Love You"

A place where I always wanted to go..
Rome & Venice

Saturday, December 4

La~ la~ la~
Today afternoon me and PuiSi went to metro point..
Coz i suddenly feel like drinking my favourite Toffee Nut Frappuccino..
I am 5 more cups of coffee away from the Starbucks Diary :)
Happie me

Friday, December 3

JusT dO iT wHen iM boRed :)

Everything started from the new haircut..

The ugly betty.. tehee..

Messed up my hair.. Ergh~

The nerdy~

Eee~ What's that??

Last shot of the day :)

Thursday, December 2

哈~ 终于放假啦..

终于可以一觉睡到太阳晒屁股啦~ 呵呵呵~