Saturday, January 30

ThaNx Mum..hee ^^

at last i got it..
i got my mum's permission to go to joanna's valentine's day event and nicholas's birthday party..
at first, i really scare my mum wouldnt let me go coz the party might end up late..
when i show her the invitation card, she just answered "okie".. means i can go back late on that day..
hmm..maybe should say i can dont go back on that day..
dont think wrongly..i just going to stay over at my aunt's hse..
coz i got class on the next day..
i dont want to go back late and wake up early in the next day morning just to go to college..
so stay over at aunt's hse is the best =)

LeaDerShiP CamP CominG..

my leadership camp is going to malacca..
but actually i wish i could go to the one at gopeng, perak..
coz they said gopeng is much more adventure and fun..
the one in malacca is much more comfortable as in like stay in resort and nice food all..
hmm..since got lots of friends go with me so im okie with that in malacca too..
i know me, kah mun, elo, carmeni, amanda, adrain and few of us will definitely rock the camp..

Malacca..We're coming..

ps : i just realised that i got lots of work to do in the up coming week..chemistry report..psychology reflected writting which i have to go back home dream and analyse the dream..cts presentation..ohh god..all that freaked me out..

Thursday, January 28

ChemistrY, LaB & ExperimentS..

i had done the experiments in my chemistry class today morning..
we suppose to have two person in a group..
unfortunately, amy didnt come to the class..
therefore, i have to do it alone..
lucky thing, i got my lecturer there to help me do some work..hehe..

add Zn into HCl..collect the gas and test with burning splinter..
add Ca into HCl..collect the gas and test with burning splinter..
add Zn into DI water..add few drops of phenolphthalein and observe..
add Ca into DI water..add few drops of phenolphthalein and observe.. last im done..
turn to the next page..
omg..titration..haih..again..have to do..

measure the Ca and put in a conical flask..
add DI water in it and swirl until the Ca dissolve completely..
add few drops of thymol blue indicator in it..leave aside..
take a burette and pour in 50ml of HCl..
add HCl into Ca solution drop by drop until the colour change..
record the results..

huuuuuhhh..done all..
by the way, it's time already..
packed my things, take a bus to main block to meet my friends..
the went out to devi's corner to have our banana leaf
had fun with still full until now..

ps : i know i just like writting a chemistry report..haha..just take this as a practice for my report the way, i saw him today and i said 'hai' to him also..hopefully everthings will go on worries ;)

Friday, January 22

wAtch oUt pEople!!!

Im gonna dress up like a BOMB..

It's all coming up soon..

ps : Only Nirai and Kaminie will understand what im saying..i

Thursday, January 21

Ahh..i bEh tAhan aR..

stupid man..
can you stop staring at me??!
and please dont blow the high pitch also..

hah..oh my lovely God..
can you tell me what kind of place is kajang??
why are there so many karat people there??
why must i pass through kajang town everyday??
urgh..i beh tahan alrdy la..
mr/mrs GOD please..
i know you very busy but please help me..

ps : my lovely twins brother already back from tanzania..whoo hoo..i've been missing him so long..jonathan..i miss you..haha..cant wait to meet him..but im quite busy these days..but will meet him up as soon as possible..oh ya..i met kim in the bus today afternoon..she seems good..she having her exam now..good luck

Saturday, January 16

nOt feeLing weLL..

i think i got a very bad food poisoning..
probably is caused by the karipap..
i ate two karipap yesterday morning in college..
i didnt eat anything else after that..
when i reached home, i felt like got something rolling in my stomach..
i ran to the washroom and started vomiting..
then everything followed by..
stomachache, diarrhoea, dizziness, fever..
almost faint at home cause of 'dehydrated'..
my parents immediately send me to the clinic..
doctor said im just food poisoning and will be okie after eating all the medicines..
doctor then gave me so many medicines..about 7 medicines and 2 pack of rehydration salts..
some have to eat before meal and some after meal..
hell knows i hate eating medicines and 7 medicines are just enough to kill me..
first i ate the medicines..after half and hour i vomited again..
omg..have to eat one more time..
luckily the second time i didnt vomit again..
straight away went to bed and sleep until now..
later have to go eat those medicines again..huhu =(

ps : please dont go to the roti shop next to Ali Maju..their karipap caused me food poisoning..i will never go there again..

Friday, January 15

baCk To My laLa laNd..

as usual, i will login to my blog everyday..
here is just like my lala land and my fantasy world..
everytime i come into here, i will pour everything here..
doesnt matter its happy or sorrow..
sometimes i just cant tell what i actually wanna say..
therefore, blogging is the best way for me to write it out..

ps : i wore mini skirt to college today..when i coming back that time, i take a short walk in kajang town..some "karat" guys and an indian girl stared at me like im not wearing i realise and i wouldnt ever wear a short skirt to kajang town anymore.."KARAT!!!"

karat : a word i learnt from my friends in college..hee =)

Thursday, January 14

eVen mYself aLso dOnt kNow wHat's wRong wiTh mE..

"what happen to you this few days??" someone asked me that..
"hah??" i dont know why..
"you seems so wrong lately.."

am i that emo this few days??
i just know that i dont really got mood to do anything..
if you all realise, i didnt talk much this few days..
i only take a book and keep on reading that with the headset up on my ears..
or i will just sit and daydreaming aside..
in college like that..even at house also like that..
i really dont know what happen to me..
i just know that there's a feeling in me but i dont know what feeling is that..
everyday when i reach home, i will lock myself in my room..
i dont know what the purpose im doing that..
i just know i dont wanna talk and listen to anyone..
probably i will be okie after being emo..

Monday, January 11

tHe LaziNess aTtack mE

i didnt go to college today..
why being lazy??
nah..i was reading my novel from 12am until 4am..
just dont know why i cant stop myself from reading it..
maybe bcoz the story too similar to myself..ahahaha
i only get on to my bed at 4am.. no no..i was reading on the bed..
so i mean i closed up my eyes at 4am larh..kakaz
i only slept for about 4 n half hours and woke up about 8.30am..
then go for breakfast..
after that watch tv for while..
lastly ended up facebooking and blogging here..nothing much..

ps : another reason is i got no mood to go to college..i also dont know why..since they not taking the attendance for the first two weeks of the semester, let me be lazy for only today..

Thursday, January 7


im got no mood to blog today..
leaving everything to tomorrow..
going to read my novel now..
bubye ^^

ps : elo already back to kl yesterday..i didnt meet her in college today bcoz i only got one class at kpd lazy to go to main block so i straight away took a bus in front kpd block to go back home..sorry elo..i will be meeting you tomorrow in college..

Wednesday, January 6

FiVe iNcluDed

today morning was my first chemistry class..
yesterday was the introduction class..
but i didnt go..not bcoz im lazy..i got to mention this..
it's bcoz i forgot where is my
i thought it's in SR9 but actually it's in SR10 (which is the class beside SR9)..
i know i very
when i go into the class, there are only two girls inside there..
i turned to a malay girl which was my ex-classmate last sem and sat beside her..
i asked her who is our chemistry lecturer and there are how many people in our class..
she told me the lecturer's name (i still didnt get her name, will find out soon)..
and she said there was five students only included me..
after few minutes, a young indian lady came in..
im so excited that she so young..about 20s i think..
i love to have a young lecturer..much more easier to
she gave us some easy questions and discussed with us after we had done..
she then taught us little bit about "atomic theory" before the class ends..
i found that this lesson is very interesting and i like it very much..

PS : today, me, carmeni, kaminie and sathia went to kpd block..why we go there?? find out some guy which carmeni found he's cute..his name is David Peter if im not mistaken..he just nothing more than a normal most surprising is that i met tzee hui in front kpd block..she told me she coming to study there..i dont know is it true or not..

Tuesday, January 5

Im a LaZy bUmP..LoL

new blog layout design until half way..
lazy to continue already..
nevermind la..leave it first..
will continue doing when i got

PS : today was my first day of the new semester..i met all my long missed friends except HIM..i wouldnt know what i got to say if i meet him..anyway..elo will only back by i can only meet her on thursday ^^

Monday, January 4

I want to know what love is..

Love lOve loVe lovE

Saturday, January 2

A late coming New Year Wish..

Happiness keeps you sweet..
Trails keeps you strong..
Sorrows keeps you human..
Failure keeps you humble..
Success keeps you glowing..
God keeps you going..
New is the year..
New are the hopes and aspirations..
New is the resolution..
New are the spirits..
Have a promising and fullfilling new year :)