Thursday, January 20

NeW EditinG

Trying to be emo eh??

See me through~

Oppssie~ My bad...

Pic of the day..

Saturday, January 15

MoMMaMia Night~

Went out to yam cha with old-classmate yesterday night..
There we have MeiFen, SzeYien, ChunGuan, SeongYee, WaiKit and CheeWei with me..
It's been a long time I never see them..
We talked a lot about our schooling time..
And we found out lots of secrets that we didnt know last time..
It's kinda FUN and FARNEY when we talking about those old memories..

Here comes our photography session..

Starting with me..

And the most artistic pic.. but ChunGuan was missing somewhere..

Retake the pic.. look at MeiFen and me..

I've not seen them for ages..

And my hair split in the middle.. LoL

Finally, the three of us

WaiKit and CheeWei had left earlier before we took the pics..
But nevermind coz i know we will still have a lot of chance to take more pics..
I really miss you guys a lot.. I think we should go out more often in the future :)

Saturday, January 1

是新的一年啦~ 祝大家新年快乐!!!