Saturday, October 29

In Time

Watched this movie today..
It's about how human survive in the future..

Human will stop aging at 25years old..
By the time, they need to earn time to keep them alive..
At that moment, time is power, time is money..
The green thinging on their hand is the time of how long they're alive..
How many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds..
They used time to buy stuffs, pay bills and all..
This means it's cutting down their surviving time and they'll need to earn it back..
Or else they'll die when the time turns zero..

Just pick a time to watch this in the cinema if you dont understand what I'm talking about..
I bet you'll not regret watching this movie..
It's a good movie..

PS: Both the actor and actress are hot :P

Friday, October 28

Sunday, October 2

It is 2.25am.. Maybe i should stop thinking and go sleep NOW :-/