Saturday, November 21

YoU'rE nO LonGer iN mY MinD =p

falling in love with you one year ago was a hard time for me..
when first you told me you love me, i was very happy..
coz i got that stupid feeling towards you also..
you started telling me how much you love me, care about me and so on..

until i get to knew that you're playing with my feeling..
the sweet words that you told had became a poison for me..
the love that you gave was like a knife scratching my heart..

i dont know how stupid i can be..
i just knew that i had no life at that moment..
i felt im so stupid..

but then now, at this moment, i knew i had let go everthing..
im happy that the b****** had gone..
im alive again.. *wink*

Friday, November 20

hEloo~~ I'm bAck ~~

just back from pangkor yesterday..
i really had fun..
i met lotz of friends..
all of them are nice..
i miss them so much now..
i will be continue writting the things that had happen in the next post..
photos will be on soon..see ya..

Sunday, November 15

WiLL bE miSSinG neXt 4 dAys ^^

my camp started tomorrow..
im busy prepare my things now..
where's my sunglasses??
where's my cap??
where's my sunblock??
where's my swimsuit??
where's my sport shoes??
errrhh..gosh..screwing up everything for this moment..
anyway, hopefully gonna be very fun during the camp..

Friday, November 13

iM wAitiNg fOr iT tO cOme ^o^

what am i waiting for??
yeah..whoo hoo..
its basically a kind of leadership camp, i think..
its in pangkor island..
and there are around 10 colleges taking part in this camp..
mmu, tarc, inti, and so on..
so we are leaving from help college on monday at 7.30am sharp..
the activities that might be carry out are ice-breaking, water sports (banana boat, jet ski and canoeing), junggle trekking, one day trip on pangkor, treasure hunt, bbq night and so on..
we will be staying in some resort (dont know what resort but hopefully its nice and comfortable)..
this camp take us four days three nights from 16th to 19th november..
therefore i will be missing these few days and probably wouldnt online..
as a conclusion (sounds like writting essay)..haha =)
i hope we will have fun in this camp..
and probably get to know more people (mostly hot and cute guys la..hee)..

i gonna go watch movie now..bye..see you all in next post..*wink*

Tuesday, November 10


那天我扬起帆 想看看未知的海
那时的你让我幸福百分百  是否为我等待
我知道我的爱一直都会存在 没有你泪停不下来
你知道我依赖多不想say googbye 我痛说不出来
我知道我的爱一直都会存在 没有你快乐都停摆
某一天我期待和你笑的灿烂 回头看爱 都在
站在你的门外 我却幸福在徘徊
但我想你一定都明白 时间过的好快
现在的你是否幸福百分百 我应该怎么猜
我知道我的爱一直都会存在 没有你泪停不下来
你知道我依赖多不想say googbye 我痛说不出来
我知道我的爱一直都会存在 没有你快乐都停摆
某一天我期待和你笑的灿烂 回头看爱 都在
我知道我的爱一直都会存在 没有你泪停不下来
你知道我依赖多不想say googbye 我痛说不出来
我知道我的爱一直都会存在 没有你快乐都停摆
某一天我期待和你笑的灿烂 回头看爱 都在

Monday, November 2

NeW pHonE (CooL) , oLd pHonE (sTupiD)

i just got my new phone yesterday..
its a fake apple iphone from china..
but i look exactly like the real one..
my friends kept on asking me how much does it cost..
and i told them it was 300+ us dollars..
but its actually 300+ ringgit malaysia..
ahahaahaha XD

on the same time..
my old phone started merajuk already..
first..battery low..
second..cant on the phone for few hours(dont know why)..
third..the phone cant read through the memory( photos are all inside there..cant even transfer to my lappie)..

what i worry now is that i dont know my new phone from china can last how long..
what if it die after few months??
but i think if it die is also a good thing right??
because i canget another new phone ma..