Saturday, August 29

Hey Yee Leng, happy birthday!!!

today is our greatest madam, Chong Yee Leng's birthday..
i gonna wish her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE!!"..

(sry today no present for u, not yet buy..)


so the story started..
kim actually already planned to go out to celebrate yee leng's birthday four five days ago..
and she planned to go to yee leng's hse in the morning to wake her up..
but the plan was canceled due to some reasons..

(i dunno wat reason..)


then yesterday she told me to meet them up at kfc in the noon..
but she didn't tell me wat time..
so i msg her just now around 12o'clock and asked her..
she told me that we should meet up at 12o'clock..
and i told her i might be late coz i not yet prepared to go out..
next minute, i called michelle..
she told me she got no transport so i say i will pick her up after half an hour..

(i know im

then i started prepared for my outing..
bath..20minutes passed..
dried my hair..15minutes passed..
make up half way michelle called then continue..20minutes passed..

(actually michelle called and asked me to stop my makeup-ing)


after pick michelle up, esther called when im on the way to kfc..
i said "give me 10minutes i'll reach there"..

finally i reached kfc and they started eating..
after eating v chat bout our own stories..
then sue reen say wanna go toilet..
so yee leng followed her..

once they get up and walk away..
kim and esther struggled finding for some sharp thinging to open the packet..
and i saw the words "cream cheese" printed on the packet..
so i wondering and asked wat they wanna do with that..
and they say they gonna squeeze it on yee leng's face..
after a minute or two, yee leng walked back wit reen..
but kim not yet open the packet..
so kim and esther went to toiletwit the packet of cream cheese in esther's pocket..
while yee leng and reen sat down and v started our conversation again..

at a moment, im shocked to see kim that suddenly appeared beside me..
and she threw the cream cheese on yee leng's face..
yee leng screamed like hell man..
i quickly ran away..

(i scared im the next one, but still i got it on my face..thanx to esther..)


after v cleaned up everything and reen finished her maccaroni(forgot how to spell)..
v went for pool and it was my first time playing pool.. *wink*
i looked esther and reen played..
then they teach me how to play..
and they said im like a sexy chick playing pool..

=.=" swt

(coz i wearing mini skirt)

it was the last station..
then v went back after that..

here comes some photos v took.. scroll down pls~~

the birthday queen~~

from left: me, reen, yee leng, kim, esther and the top is michelle~~

reen playing pool with a pose that sangat bergaya =)

PS : i bought my fav starbuck hot cappuccino before i went for pool..hee =p

with lotz of love written by,

LiYinG Kiddy

Friday, August 28

"OMG" day.. *cry*

today is the "OH MY GOD!!" day..
everybody started telling omg when the final exam results came out~
and i wanna say :



shit man~
i gonna retake the subject for the next semester..

i started call my fren one by one and ask bout their results..

A says: omg~ the results already came out??

(dont even know results coming out today)

B says: omg~ you failed calculus?? i gonna failed calculus too..

(suffer together)

C says: omg~ i failed my computing i gonna tell my parents that??

(me too)

and now im wondering how am i gonna tell my mum about this..
i hope she wouldn't kill me when she get to know all this..

Yesterday *boring*

yesterday was a boring day..
i got nothing to do at all..
from morning itself i just sit down there like a doll..
so i decided to go online..
while online-ing, i tried to found out who was online too..
too bad..
it was so early and nobody is online..
so i opened my facebook and started facebooking..


after i checked up and replied everything on facebook..
again i get bored..


so i decided to go watch tv..
i sat down on the sofa, holding the remove control..
i changed channel by channel..
at last i ended up watching totally spies at channel 615..


after the show finished..
i went into kitchen and made a cup of lemon tea wothout sugar..



then i took my novel and started reding it while drinking my lemon tea..
after few hours, i went and sat down to watch my fav drama..
then i went for facebooking after the drama..
i chated with some frenz online..


after dinner,
continue reading my novel until 11pm..
while my brain telling me it's time to bed..



PS : miss my frenz again, will be meeting them ya..muackzZz..

written by,

LiYinG Kiddy


Thursday, August 27

Hey handsome~ wink~

your are so handsome..
you smile and walk towards me..
you started dance with me..
you dance nearer and nearer..
i know what you are thinking..
you give me a sexy look and try to touch me..
hey man..
if you think i will let you touch me because of your fucking handsome face..
im telling you are wrong..
get lost in front of me, NOW..

Monday, August 24

A Friday~

last friday i went ice skating wit my frenz..
unfortunately, our trip to sunway had reduced from many ppl to few ppl..(how sad)
elo, jo and carmeni went back kampung..
zac and roshaan suddenly cannot come..
at last left me, nirai, vicky and ryan..
first, me n nirai took train from kajang to subang..
then v took a bus to sunway..
when v reached sunway, i msg vicky n ryan..
since nirai say wanna eat mcd, so i asked them to meet us at mcdonald..
after that, v went to ice skating for about 3hours..
and guess what??
nirai know how to ice skating d..
thanx to vicky and ryan for teaching nirai how to ice skating..
haha XD
then me n ryan sat down and chat while nirai and vicky went to skate..
while v chatting, i can sense ryan gonna say something that make me shock..
at that moment, he suddenly grabbed my hand and asked me whether i can be his gf or not..
im shocked and i dunno how to answer him..
i just kept quiet and he asked again..
i rejected him at the next moment..(im sorry ryan)
but luckily v still can talk like normal after that..(maybe im too close with him)
after that, me n vicky go for few rounds before v left the ice rink..
vicky straight away left sunway after that becoz he has to pick her sis up sumwhere in subang..
me, nirai and ryan went to some stall to help my bro buy someting for his fren's birthday..
then v went to gasoline to had our dinner..
v chatting while eating..
nirai and ryan make jokes bout me =(
finish dinner, ryan send us to kl sentral to take train back to kajang..
v almost late to kajang due to the train delay..almost scold by parents but luckily not..

till then..

PS : hey guys i miss all of u very much..cant wait to meet all af u again after sem break..muackx

Tuesday, August 11

Im so StupiD !!!

guess what?
yesterday i forget to write my name on my test paper..
and the problem is..
i only remember when i was doin my study skills paper..
how sad..
hope mr siva can help me coz i dun wanna fail my computing bcoz of that..

Last Day~Calculus~

today is my last test paper..
may god bless me so that i can do it well..
haha =p

Saturday, August 8

Scratches on my heart~

i love you and i trust you..
i gave you my heart and asked you to take care of it..
you took my heart and scratch it with knife..
from that moment onwards..
i know my heart wouldn't stop bleeding..
even if it stop bleeding..
there are still scratches on it..
it won't disappear forever and ever..
until the day i die..

Friday, August 7

It's just a dream~

i know once he msg me i still will reply..
i know once he call me i still will answer..
i know that with a far distance, love wouldn't exists that long..
yet i believe, with him, it will go longer..
when im back from dream, the reality show me that the love doesn't appears at all..
and i know i wouldn't get what i had expected before..

BaD LucK~

i almost wake up late in morning bcoz water dropping yesterday night..
but still i manage to get to the ktm station on time..
looking at the time showing on the board, the train will be arriving in 5minutes time..
suddenly there was an announcement that the train had delayed..
and the next train only will arrive in 1hour time..
then im late to college..
therefore i absent from my calculus class..
after that i went into the english class..
i had no mood to listen to all the presentation..
i went to see Mr. Joel before i went back home..

P.S. : im wondering why i still can laugh and having fun in college~

Thursday, August 6


my sadness will end up tonight..
tmr would be the last day of this semester..
i will throw out all my sadness and enjoy it to the max..
then i will study all the night until morning..
after that go for my intermediate english final exam..
follow by study skills, computing principle and malaysian study on monday..
n the last subject, calculus on tuesday..
therefore i wouldn't update my blog till then..
i will be back after that..

Tuesday, August 4

New Hairstyle~

i went for hair cut last sunday..
i've been waited there for more than an hour..
it's my turn n i sit on the chair..
i told the guy that i wanna cut one inch of my fringe..
that's wat he came out wit..
scroll n hav a look..
my mum told me its nice..
my frenz told me its cute..
my cousin told me it make me look young..
i dont think so..
for me its so freaky..
mayb i not biasa wit it..
i prefer this..haha =p