Sunday, November 28

Microeconomics final exam is in 16 and a half hours soon..
I've no idea why am I still blogging here but not getting ready for my exam..
Wish me LucK :)

一年前, 一年后

一年后的今天又遇见了他.. 在同一地方..

一个问题.. " 是去上课吗? "
笑了笑.. " 嗯.. 先走了.. "
头.. " 再见.. "

一整天, 心里..... 有种的感觉..
现, 原来我们已经一年见了..

Sunday, November 21

There's no good story without romance :)

Saturday, November 20


是时候小说书旁, 然后努力 K 书了.. ^^

Friday, November 19

又 K 一小说啦~
留韩美少女作家, 宋云浠的 "不如送公主一场微笑"..
~ ♥
(为什么是独自一人?哈~ 也许是因为我不喜欢吵吧..)

有时候,忙碌的生活着并不是一件好事.. 因为会错过很多的人事物..
试着放慢脚步.. 也许会发现许许多多美好的东西..

Thursday, November 18

Cool~ Jay is coming over Msia for his concert next year..
I swear im going for the concert.. No one can stop me~~
By the way.. Wonder Girls is coming on December..
Should I go??

Wednesday, November 17


Sunday, November 14

You stupid FOOL~~~
Get out of my view.. Dont you know you making me feel sick??!

Saturday, November 13

I'm really lost at this point.. I need to talk to you so badly :(


Went for movie today..
We watched Skyline..
It was AWESOME~~!!!
Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel looked HAWT in the movie..

My next plan would be the movie Unstoppable and HP7..

Thursday, November 11

Miss those time, those friends and every lil single things..

Hey guys.. I bet you all will never forget this forever..
It has been one year after we came back from Pangkor..
I miss the beach and the sunshine there..
I miss walking, running, rolling and lying down on the beach..
I miss every lil things i had with you all there..
The most important is..
I miss you all very much.. I really mean it..
Will never forget the moment that we sitting down at the seaside and chatting throughout the night..
Will never forget every single sunrise and sunset i had with you all..
Hope we have time to meet up soon :)

Kim, Juan, Junn, Ayie, Tzong Meng, Kingsley, Rayyan, Jonathan, Mamu, Alge, Annass and Deshal..

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard
Sippin sizzurp in my ride, in my ride, like Three 6
Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now now now now now now I'm feelin so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now now now now now now I'm feelin so fly like a G6

Hawt Hawt Hawt Hawt Hawt
Let's dance babeh~~~

so random

my wardrobe started to complaining that its empty..
so its time for me to shop for new clothes.. especially at UNIQLO~~
feel like eating popcorn with coke..
so i should go for a movie marathon..
its been three months i never go for a movie..
hmm.. time to study.. final is coming though..
im convincing myself to fall in love with microeconomics.. hehe..
yippie.. bookfest coming.. think of getting few more novels..
imma novel freak la.. lol..
Shh~~ Dont tell anybody i ponteng two tutorial classes today :p