Friday, February 26

Birthday coming ?? (Im so happy..)
Getting older ?? (Im so upset..)

hE iS thE onE..hEE :-)

First, i found he's CUTE!!!
Then in the movie, Twilight Saga : New Moon, i found he's HOT!!!
Here he is..

Taylor Lautner

ps : Im just so in love with him at that moment ;-)

Wednesday, February 24

it's time..

for me to study..

for me to meet new friends..

for me to recall sweet and happy memories..

for me to make a decision..

ps : it's time for me to forget and head forward to my new life..bye

i kNew iT..

he just dont wanna talk to me..
he actually admit it..
i just dont wanna take it serious..
just bcoz.....

you're my friend!!! dont you know that?!

ps : still im sad..but i dont wanna tell anybody :(

Monday, February 22

Please tell me..What am i trying so hard for?? Friendship?? Love??

tHat's it..

i met him today again..
but he never talk much..
only 'hi' and 'bye'..
he seems dont wanna talk to me..

Friday, February 12

iM tireD

im leaving everything aside.....
is more.....

Thursday, February 4

i'M huNgry =(

starting from morning busy doing my presentation work..
asking friends' opinions..
asking lecturers' opinions..
gooogle the question out..
cracking head thinking..
managed to finished it at last..
looked at the time..ohh..2.oopm sharp..
time to present..
ran up to WN to get my score sheet..
ran back to class again..waiting my turn to present..
it's my turn..1 minute..2minutes..3minutes..and 2 seconds..
comment from ms presentation kinda irrelevant..
what the hell!!! whatever..i dont care anymore..
came out from the class and met elo and arun there..
waiting for sampath and iyad to come and meet us..
had fun chatting with them..and they were guessing and discussing my 'secret'..
it's time for them to went back..and i was waiting for my daddy to pick me up..
that's why im here blogging at the upper foyer..
guess what?? hungry..
now only i realised i havent eat anything from morning..huhu =(