Thursday, June 30

Baked oats biscuits

So today i've the very good mood to bake..
And i decided to bake oats biscuits..
My first time baking oats biscuits and i hope it turns out well..

Mixed plain flour, rolled oats and sugar in a bowl..
Melted the butter, add some caramel and baking powder in it..
Then combined the two mixture together..
Make the dough into all ping pong size..

The ping pong sized dough

Flatten it in a baking place

The baking process going on~

I was so excited what will turns out :P

Tadaa.. Done~ Looks good ehh??

The final result wasnt that bad..
Anyhow, my grandma and small lil cousin said it taste GOOD!!!
Im so happy..
I can be the FutureGoodMama already :P
My first trial SUCCESS!!